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5 ways to create a cosy home
Our in-house interior fundi has put some easy points together to help you to get your cosy on and to create the picture perfect family home.
Play With Colour
Being in the business of colour, we are firm believers that colour holds the power to change the world…or at least the feeling in a home 🙂
Splashes of colour in a home invigorates and creates energy. From a red rug, to a lamp shade to a collection of pillows. Choosing colour is much more than just covering that old wall. It is literally giving your room a name. Let’s call it: “loving breakfast giggles’’ or ‘’snuggle winter movies’’.

We recommend Paintsmiths’ Patina paint from the Atelier range for a cosy feel in a room.

Mix and Match textures
Be open to a range of textures in your home. Some materials evoke softer emotions, whilst other possess the ability to make everyone feel welcome and warm. Be creative and create special corners and nooks for your family. Say yes to throws, soft rugs and occasional contrasting shiny surfaces. Paintsmiths’ range of Earthcote texture paints could also help by creating that perfect texture focus wall to spice up the space.

Nature knows best
Bring nature into your home with small touches such as a terrarium, delicate ferns, or a pretty fish bowl which literally will add life and light to your room. Go green or go home 🙂

Create your own work of art
Have you ever tried your own hand at painting or perhaps creating your own composition of frames, words, or creative odds and ends as a wall display?
A composed display creates a charming and friendly feel to a space. Make it their own space by involving the kids and/or the whole family for that matter. This might just become your favourite chit chat nook.

The unexpected surprise
Embrace the joy of pairing unusual elements together. Like a single wall chandelier hanging above a single bright chair, warm and cosy blankets in a wicker basket. Quirky vignettes are perfect for drawing visitors away from the main seating area toward intimate corners. Unexpected juxtapositions will bring a dash of surpise and sunshine to your room.

Written by Paintsmiths