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January 9, 2018 Campaigns No Comments


The start of a Brand-New Year is imminently upon us. This can often entail a mind-shift of reaching for new goals and a renewed energy to strive toward making the New Year the best ever! It could also entail re-decorating your home or even your office space.

It is a fact that colours can affect your mood, your productivity and even how you go about your business. This means that you are able to use colours to your advantage.

The psychology of colour is called Chromology, and for years, it has proved a popular method for companies who use it to improve the behaviour and reactions of customers and employees, to improve business goals.

Choosing different colours can assist in achieving different things. It can increase productivity and even impress potential customers, even before using your products or services.

It is interesting that a study titled “Impact Of Colour in Marketing” was conducted and results revealed that many spontaneous decisions are made, purely based on the colour of branding and even packaging.

Take a look at the effects of the following colours, and how they can work (or not) for you. Then go ahead and be brave and choose what’s best for you and your business.


Red is not always for danger. However, it does have a few strong qualities that can have physical effects on the body, i.e. it can increase the heart rate, it can raise blood pressure, it accelerates the metabolism which increases the appetite and creates an illusion that time passes faster than it actually does.


  • Your environment may benefit from an increased heart rate, and more productivity;
  • Using red to highlight certain information is very noticeable and is usually noticed first as it appears closer to the viewer.
  • If in catering or food, by decorating your dining room or store, you may increase your food sales.

Take a look at Paintsmiths Heritage Colour Swatch ‘Dollar Brand’ or have a look at our online Midas Colour Picker to experience the effect of colour first hand.


The colour blue actually stimulates natural tranquilizers in the brain. Blue stimulates the mind and helps with concentration levels. Soft shades of blue have a calming effect, whilst the stronger shades clear the mind.

Studies have shown that blue rooms improve the study capabilities in students and increase production. Blue also has the capability of slowing down the heart rate and decreasing the appetite. It creates a calming feeling of trust and dependability.


  • Paint that room BLUE, which commands concentration and increased productivity.
  • Blue is probably not the best choice of colour if you are in the food business, since it can lead to a decrease in appetite… Unless of course you are serving an ‘eat as much as you can’ meal.

Have a look at the Heritage Lead Blue or have a look at our online Midas Colour Picker to experience the effect of colour first hand.


Yellow is an emotional colour, associated with optimism, fun, happiness and confidence. However, be careful not to use the wrong shade, which can trigger anxiety. Studies show that students perform between 10% and 15% better when writing tests in a yellow-decorated room. However, it seems that babies cry more often and for longer periods of time in a yellow room.


  • Yellow improves creativity, for example if you work as a Graphic Designer. Small children, however, tend to behave more appropriately in a more soothing environment, although yellow artwork or accessories could do the trick for them.
  • Positive feelings of happiness create warm feelings, particularly in a consumer environment.

Heritage Ball of String may be your answer! Or have a look at our online Midas Colour Picker to experience the effect of colour first hand.


The colour green speaks for itself, and is associated with new life and nature. It has been associated with positive emotions, and is often used in institutions and hospitals, as it has a soothing effect.

Ironically, the wrong shade of green can often have the effect of people feeling ill and can cause a feeling of stagnation. Dark green also reflects money.


  • If the environment has a tendency to create nervousness, a pale shade of green can help one to feel more comfortable and calm. It has the ability of creating a sense of comfort. Especially whilst working.
  • Green gives an impression of being environmentally friendly. The old ‘green with envy’ adage also raises its head.

City of Green by Heritage Colours is your soothing solution or have a look at our online Midas Colour Picker to experience the effect of colour first hand.

Always remember that the intensity of any colour triggers a strong response. Bright colours have a stimulating effect, but the paler hues have a more soothing effect on body and soul.

Personal preference is always an important factor when decorating a room. Always ask yourself how a particular colour makes you feel. Choose a colour which matches your personality.

Written by Paintsmiths