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What is White Space?

White Space doesn’t just apply to the colour white.  Contrary to its name, White Space refers to any background design which is not occupied by other elements, eg. Photos, illustrations, or other embellishments. 


The importance of White Space

When applied specifically to design, White Space embraces the rather confusing saying, “less is more”.   As we all know, it is so easy to over-decorate.  However, it is important to try and avoid needless clutter.  


Whites and Neutrals 

Introducing White Space into your home enhances a mood of relaxation and refinement.  Beware of the fine line between that and creating a look of a ‘science laboratory’.



  • Pick the Right Furniture

Linen or off-white cotton fabric for couches is best.  Enhance with warm, rustic wooden pieces of furniture.


  • Add (a little bit) of colour 

Although the style is about being simple and clean, a few splashes of colour will produce a stunning effect in a white room.  A neutral or white-washed room doesn’t mean that you need to give up all colour.


  • Use effective lighting

Romantic lighting in an elegant white bedroom creates a stunning look and feel, especially when combined with white-washed rustic wooden furniture pieces.  A simple string of fairy lights will do the trick.  Easy and very affordable.


  • Pick the Right White

Whilst all white can work in almost any room, selecting the shade of paint that works best for you and your surroundings is key when introducing neutral shades.


  • Artwork is Important

Hang either a large masterpiece on a strategic open-space wall, creating a stunning focal point, or for something a little more subtle, blowing up black and white photographs will add an interesting feel.  These can easily be changed for something else as and when you tire of the same look.


  • Add Greenery

Green is the buzz-word this year.  Choose one of the Paintsmiths Zero VOC coatings as a healthy alternative to enhance any room and then add some natural greenery.  Plenty of indoor plants will provide a bold, fresh and airy feel.


  • Graphics

Choosing a distinctive pattern when renovating a room in white is an easy way to give the space more oomph!  Choose bold patterned flooring, a bright backsplash or a simple rug or scatter cushions to add a vivid element to your décor.

Written by Paintsmiths